What is External Hosting and How Does It Help Your Business?

What is External Hosting and How Does It Help Your Business?

All businesses and brands today need effective and well-running websites. The objectives may vary. Some are focused on making sales, some are to share information with customers, and some use it for marketing purposes. Not only that, most people started using websites as personal brand portfolios as well. Creating a website is one thing, but the server that runs the site is the most important thing. This article will teach you what external hosting is and how it helps your business.

It is possible to run a website on your personal computer or in-house server; most prefer their sites to be run through external hosting backed by a third party. To run web servers need excellent hardware, a reliable internet connection, and the ability to respond when the hardware is down. Therefore, most businesses prefer taking services from the top hosting providers.

What is External Hosting?

External hosting is when a site is run on a server managed and owned by another company. The alternative is to let your website be hosted on servers that are owned by you and placed in your own data center.

Opting for external hosting is always a wise decision if you are inexperienced and lack knowledge. The best thing about such hosting is that multiple service levels allow you to choose based on particular requirements and goals. So, if you decide to move forward with external hosting for your website, you also need to determine the type of hosting your particular site needs and from which hosting provider.

The idea of external hosting is pretty simple. The hosting providers organize the servers and sell services to multiple customers worldwide. If you opt to take the services from them, you will also get access to the environment they have to run your website on.

You can easily upload content and files you want to publish on your sites to their servers. You will have a domain name that makes it easier for visitors to search for your site and access it from any part of the world.

This type of hosting offers many benefits, and you can easily deploy it with the best web hosting plan.

Difference Between Internal and External Hosting

Creating and running an effective website is not a luxury anymore for most organizations. Establishing the brand’s voice and place within the market or industry has become a requirement. It also helps you to reach more potential customers.

Businesses or organizations get confused about choosing internal or external hosting for their sites. Most of them don’t know both hosting options’ basic differences and trade-offs. Therefore, it is important to understand both options to make a suitable decision and set up a new site or even update the existing one.

What is Internal Hosting?

Internal hosting is a website run on the company’s own servers and hardware using the site’s files and bandwidth. Everything is completely managed and run in-house. In this hosting, the organization provides all equipment, support, and technology without depending on others.

What is External Hosting?

External hosting is buying services, space, and bandwidth from some other company. HostingMENA provides different plans with a variety of memberships and subscriptions for hosting. It allows different size companies to choose a package that covers the equipment and resources they need for their websites.

Pros and Cons of External Hosting:


  • Compared to internal hosting, the external host is inexpensive and easy to start.
  • The external host plans differ from company to company.
  • You do not need to buy equipment, additional staff, or other resources.


On the other hand, drawbacks of the external hosts include the following:

  • Lack of direct oversight and the chance of downtime increase.
  • The outages depend on the scale of the plan that you purchase.

To make the most suitable decision, you must understand and set the clear goals you want to achieve and see which hosting plan is the most suitable for your website.

Advantages of External Hosting for Your Business

External web hosting is different from internal hosting. External hosting is supported outside the office by a third-party source, providing a business with all the services needed to run a website effortlessly. Moreover, it allows you to choose services from different levels depending on your business needs. With the consistent growth of your website, you can easily enhance your services to meet your new needs and requirements.

Let’s look at some of the prominent benefits of having external hosting.

1. Experts to Your Help

One of the most prominent advantages of using external hosting is that you will get services from a company that is an expert in web hosting. Your website will be installed and managed on servers by expert staff. It reduced the relapse chances to a greater extent. If you have industry experts at your side to manage your website, you will feel comfortable trusting them with your data and the content. These experts know how to keep your site secure using SSL certificates, anti-malware tools, and other important services.

However, you should find a reliable web hosting company rather than trusting local hosting providers who can compromise on important aspects.

2. Affordable Hosting

External hosting is much more affordable than internal hosting, which includes buying the server, creating the database, passing data, and all done by yourself. If you think of buying the server, it would be pretty expensive. Moreover, the maintenance and regular checks would be more expensive. You will need high-level skills and commitment to make things smooth for your website.

In external hosting, you will be choosing the smart option where you save time, money, and effort because your website is now the hosting company’s responsibility with experts.

3. Easy Upgrade

Upgrading your website is not a problem with external hosting. Your request will be accepted without any problem. However, internal hosting needs self-support; you must buy the new hardware and customize the upgrade. This is the reason why the majority prefer external hosts over internal.

Unlike internal hosting, the services are brought within the plan size in external hosting. It allocates the business site with a particular size of data, network, and quality of the services, depending on how well and important it is to run the business.

4. Worry Less Hosting

If you are taking hosting services from a third party, you do not need to feel any worry. They provide your site with everything it needs to work properly, and you can focus on other important things. Regular website visitors carefully review the websites to respond quickly to comments.

If you choose external hosting, you will never have to manage things alone.

5. Price Points

An external host is preferred for many organizations because of its simplicity, regular subscription packages and price, and offering to new and old businesses. In external hosting, you won’t need to purchase devices, hardware, or any equipment for your website. It certainly has a huge toll on organization accounts, each service needs a large amount, but it won’t happen in external hosting.

6. Best Technical Support

External hosting services come with the best 24/7 technical support with qualified experts who help clients with all their queries. If your website is facing any trouble, you can always reach them via email, call, or live chat. In most scenarios, problems never arise if you are updated with the hosting service providers and keep regular checks. If any problem occurs, the support team is ready to solve it and guide you as soon as possible.

How Can HostingMENA Help You with External Hosting?

HostingMENA has the best solutions for all your hosting issues. We create a personalized plan based on your requirements, ensuring the right solutions. Our hosting services include a wide range of options, covering all important resources and updated tools & technologies. HostingMENA stands different from hundreds of other hosting companies. Contact us and share your website hosting requirements with us!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is external hosting?

External hosting is when a website runs on a server managed and owned by another company. You only need to buy the subscription, and hosting experts will manage everything.

What are the advantages of external hosting?

The hosting comes with experts who help you. It is more affordable with easy upgrades of the website. A hosting service manages everything. Moreover, you get the best technical support in external hosting.

What is internal hosting?

In internal hosting, the company owns the servers itself and has its own data center. The company has to bear all the costs, including equipment, hardware, and staff.

What is the difference between internal and external hosting?

Internal hosting, in which a website runs on the company’s in-house servers and everything, including hardware, is managed by the company. External hosting is buying data space, services, and bandwidth from another company.


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