Dedicated Server Hosting – What’s In It For You?

Dedicated Server Hosting – What’s In It For You?

Businesses must perform well online since visitors use that platform more these days. A company with a strategic mindset will never overemphasize the importance of online platforms. Since we are entering a more dynamic business landscape with competition going high faster, doing well on online fronts could be a hill-climbing task. However, web hosting could be a perfect solution for enterprises seeking a safer house.

Dedicated hosting comes in high demand for all types of web hosting as it is equipped with more appealing features. You are well off with dedicated hosting if you want more control over the server and its associated resources. Before we proceed further, let us clarify what dedicated hosting is and how it works for your website.

What is Dedicated Server Hosting?

A dedicated server is a hosting package that provides clients with a dedicated server and resources. A physical server is dedicated to a single customer/website who can enjoy the incorporated perks and resources. Customers can enjoy more control and customization power in this hosting package, allowing them to optimize their needs, including performance and security.

Dedicated hosting plans are usually suitable for large enterprises since they cost you more than ordinary hosting plans. A shared hosting or VPS hosting plan will never cost as much as this one; however, dedicated hosting can spell the difference between these packages.

Web hosting providers also offer managed website hosting services where the client does not have to worry about server-related technical problems. The service will expose you to immense power over the server, but it comes at a premium.

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Dedicated server hosting is penetrating the market at an exceptional pace, and it could probably be the next normal. The size of the dedicated hosting market has been growing continuously from 2010 to 2016, reported Statista. Moreover, it was predicted to reach $6.53 Billion worldwide in 2020, According to Microsoft Cloud and Hosting Summit.

How Does Dedicated Server Hosting Work?

Now that you know what dedicated server hosting is, the next thing on the chart is understanding its mechanism of action. The mighty network infrastructure of the host connects the dedicated server(s) to the internet. The industrial-strength power lines grant power to these servers to keep them up and running.

The basic working principle of all the hosting plans is almost the same. However, there are slight differences as you dig deeper into each package. The hosting company takes a server machine and breaks it down into:

  • Separate user accounts (For Shared hosting users)
  • Multiple virtual machines (For VPS hosting users)

These accounts and virtual machines are rented out to different clients who seek shared or VPS plans. Thousands of user accounts are often installed on a shared server, and they all share resources like bandwidth, storage, and speed.

On the other hand, the story is not that complicated for a dedicated server-hosting game. The hosting provider here will rent out the entire server machine to a single user without breaking it down into pieces/user accounts. The purchaser will enjoy all associated resources like bandwidth, speed, storage, and RAM.

The server will either come pre-configured, or you have to configure it according to your needs. The mechanism of action is a systematic process where several steps are involved. Customers need to understand and remember these steps to understand how these servers work.

i) Choose your hardware

  • RAM (46 GB, 128 GB, 256 GB DDR4)
  • Local Storage (SATA, SAS, SSD)
  • Processor (Six cores or up to twenty-four cores)

ii) Choose your software:

  • Operating system
  • Windows/Linux server
  • Virtualization software
  • cPanel
  • CMS software
  • FTP software

iii) Additional Services:

  • Server Migration
  • Cloud breakup
  • Security services
  • DDoS protection
  • Paid-response monitoring
  • Firewalls

What are the Essential Features of Dedicated Hosting?

A dedicated server is a go-to option for various large-scale enterprises, and they are willing to pay a premium for it. The primary reason behind this is that these servers offer various features to add value to your website/blog. Organizations that require computing resources are well-off with a dedicated server. Here are a few essential features of a dedicated server you should know about.

1. Server Management:

Many SMEs and large-scale organizations opt for the dedicated server since they crave enterprise-grade site performance. In the case of managed hosting solution, a team of IT experts will look after your server and maintain it when needed. The unlimited provision of resources and bandwidth means your website can outshine competitors.

A dedicated hosting plan allows you to outsource server management, saving your internal team a lot of time and effort. Your hosting provider can take care of server-related issues and other essential tasks like:

  • Application installation
  • Operating system updates
  • Server monitoring
  • Patching
  • Security updates

2. Server Scalability:

Various large-scale organizations have the ambition to grow their audience base and boost revenue. However, limited resources often restrict them from their goal. However, with a dedicated server solution, they can manage high traffic spikes and grow their offerings. A VPS hosting or shared server will never grow as much as a dedicated server can, which is where it comes in handy.

If your business grows exponentially, a dedicated server can add further resources to cater to your growing needs. Moreover, these resources can also increase your website performance and revenues.

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3. Website Security:

Website and server security are probably the primary concerns for every business. Enterprises need to protect their server infrastructure from various attacks and challenges. Cybercriminals are more active these days, finding a loophole in your server to penetrate and hurt your infrastructure. Having essential and up-to-date security firewalls in place could help you stay away from these issues.

A dedicated server can protect you from security breaches, damages, and data loss. It provides an unparalleled dedicated environment with accessibility to all security software and firewalls. Moreover, you can also enjoy security patches and upgrades to keep hackers away.

4. High-end technical support:

As discussed in the previous lines, dedicated server hosting exposes you to top-tier technical support for your server. Sometimes, your in-house IT team will require support from the dedicated server provider for troubleshooting. Customers always favor round-the-clock technical support from the provider through live chat, email, or phone.

In dedicated server hosting, a team of professional IT experts will always answer your call. If your server encounters any problem that can lead to downtime, you better call them before it worsens.

5. High Uptime/Availability:

Protecting your server/website from downtime is a crucial sale-generating factor you must never overlook. Current-day customers will never wait for your website to recover from that “Unavailable” notification. You need to opt for a dedicated server where the provider implements enterprise-level technology to avoid server downtime issues.

No other hosting solution than a dedicated plan can provide you with better uptime/availability. The physical servers are protected by round-the-clock monitoring and redundant power to ensure high-end connectivity. The technical wizardry maintenance by experts will help you enjoy high availability.

What is the Difference Between Dedicated and Non-Dedicated Servers?

A dedicated server only hosts your website, where you can use all the resources associated with the server. On the other hand, a non-dedicated server hosts multiple websites, making them share all the resources and total costs among them. You might feel overwhelmed by the choices of hosting options and servers available in the market. However, choosing the right one that caters to your needs takes a strategic mindset.

Hosting/server types can be divided into two broad categories – Dedicated and Non-dedicated servers. The names can spell the difference between these two types; the former hosts only one website and dedicate all the resources to it, while the latter hosts multiple sites. A dedicated server means having an in-house server with no worries about maintenance. However, non-dedicated will reflect a different story.

Dedicated and non-dedicated servers are two opposite sides of the coin. Both types reflect different features and offerings. Users can choose a type based on their business and website needs. You need to understand a few key differences between these two.

i) Dedicated Servers:

  • Hosts a single website
  • Expensive than other options
  • Resources & power available for a single user
  • Enhances your website loading speed
  • Provides ample disc space/storage
  • All the bandwidth is available for a single user
  • More secure than other hosting plans
  • Provides better website uptime

ii) Non-dedicated Servers:

  • Hosts multiple websites
  • Inexpensive option as multiple users share the total cost
  • Shared resources among various users
  • Negatively impacts your site loading speed
  • It offers less storage and capacity
  • Bandwidth is shared among multiple users
  • Compromised website security
  • It affects your website uptime

After exploring this list, no sound mind will ever opt for the latter option. However, resources and budget are essential components one must consider before choosing a web hosting platform.

What are the Advantages of Dedicated Server Hosting?

Choosing a hosting solution for your business or enterprise could be a task in itself, and the process will test your decision power. A dedicated server hosting could be the perfect solution for your website if it expects rapid growth and demands round-the-clock monitoring. Talking about the advantages of this plan, you will come across many – with resilience, resources, and security being the top highlighters.

Any business enterprise looking for more control and power over the server will opt for dedicated server hosting. Before we divert from the topic, let us sneak a peek into the advantages of a dedicated server for your business.

i) High-end performance:

Top-notch performance is the first thing you will surely enjoy with a dedicated server. Your online audience will never complain about slow loading speed or website down issues. The best way to enhance the uptime for your application/website is to purchase dedicated hosting from a reliable dedicated server hosting company.

Your website can experience a sudden spike in traffic, leaving you clueless. However, having a dedicated server in place will help you manage the spike with extra resources in the box. With more stability and reliability than other hosting plans, you can always see your performance graph going high.

ii) Flexibility:

Another excellent advantage of a dedicated server is that you can enjoy the flexibility of customizing your server according to your changing needs. Unlike other hosting plans like shared hosting, you will never face restrictions on the applications, resources, and operating environments. Whether your taste changes for CPU, RAM, Disk space, or OS, you can always customize the server.

A customizable and flexible server environment helps organizations manage their needs and demands. They get to choose how the dedicated server is configured, leaving them in a better position when compared with other platforms.

iii) Dedicated resources:

There is no need to explain this point, as you already know about the basic concept of dedicated hosting. The resources it offers are only limited to you, and no other website/client will get a part of it. It fetches you all the associated resources and perks of the server.

Since no other application or website will share your resources, you will never experience a decrease in speed and bandwidth. Sharing means clogging up the server, but you will never know about this concept in dedicated server hosting.

iv) High-end security:

Unlike other hosting plans, you will never share your space with other potential spammers or malicious websites. It leads to top-notch security for your website, which should be your primary concern in the current dynamic and vulnerable online society. If you handle sensitive data/information over FTP, you are better off with this hosting plan.

Cyber attackers constantly look for loopholes to enter your website and snatch sensitive files. However, having up-to-date security firewalls around your site and employing SSL certificates will keep them away.

v) Technical support in managed hosting:

Website owners often lack the technical know-how and feel helpless when the server encounters a technical fault. Do you feel the same pain? Don’t worry, as managed dedicated hosting solution can help you overcome this issue. With this hosting plan, your hosting provider will worry about all the technical issues, promising you round-the-clock technical support.

Technical support is always necessary for hosting solutions. However, not all providers will guarantee to answer your call. A dedicated server hosting provider (managed) will always respond to your call regardless of time and frequency.

vi) High-level scalability:

The host will allow you to adapt your server’s hardware anytime in dedicated server hosting. If your business expects a rapid expansion, you better opt for this hosting solution as you can request more processing power, storage, and resources for your new business needs. Moreover, the vendor is bound to adjust your server needs to keep your wheel rolling.

A dedicated server allows you to scale up and down depending on your corporate needs and conditions. The IT team will procure resources and parts when you request a setup update, which takes time, and you must show patience.

Who Needs a Dedicated Server Hosting?

How do you know which hosting solution your company/website needs? Choosing the right hosting platform for your company could be hectic as various factors will hit your car as you go down the road. Do you need extra storage and more speed to tackle the traffic surge during rush hours? Are your website needs outgrowing your web hosting platform? If yes, it’s time you upgrade to a dedicated hosting server.

You could be well-off with a dedicated hosting solution if you have any of the following businesses. Here is a list of organizations that can benefit from dedicated hosting.

i) Midsize to large companies:

Any business with more than 500 employees on board is considered a large entity and may require a faster platform to manage activities. These companies can have tasks like:

  • Supply chain management
  • Inventory infrastructure management
  • Databases management
  • Ecommerce transactions per hour

Since these corporate activities will happen simultaneously, a dedicated server will surely help. It’s time you connect with a reliable dedicated server hosting provider such as HostingMENA and upgrade your hosting infrastructure.

ii) IT businesses & developers:

IT firms and developers often need to configure server environments according to their needs/specifications. Moreover, they often source-intensive applications to achieve better results. What is a better option than a dedicated server available to them? With a dedicated server in place, they can enjoy the following perks:

  • API-driven apps
  • Content management system (CMS)
  • Software as a service (SaaS)
  • Ecommerce site needs

iii) Web hosting resellers or agencies:

Web hosting agencies or resellers need to opt for this server as it helps them manage their clients better. The server provides a dedicated room with enough resources to cater to the needs of a diversified client base. Moreover, multiple hosting accounts are an added advantage in dedicated servers that other plans do not provide.

How can HostingMENA help you?

HostingMENA is the perfect store to browse and purchase dedicated server hosting services for your business website. No matter what enterprise you run and manage, if you seek speed, storage, and enhanced security, HostingMENA has the solution! Connect with us today to discuss the issue and purchase a dedicated server for your website to take your performance to the next level!


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a dedicated server?

A dedicated server is a single machine with associated perks and resources. The owner has the exclusive right to use all the resources without sharing them with any other website/client. They provide high-end security and performance to large websites.

2. What are the dedicated hosting benefits?

Using a dedicated server can expose your website to countless advantages. Here are a few to remember.

  • Increased Security: Dedicated servers provide better security measures than other hosting plans
  • Enhanced performance: Businesses can enjoy excellent online performance with this hosting plan.
  • Better scalability: You don’t need to migrate to another solution, as a scalability option is available.

3. Who needs dedicated hosting?

Dedicated hosting is often used by large organizations with numerous corporate activities on the list. Moreover, IT companies and developers who need resource-intensive solutions and applications can use this hosting plan for better results.

4. Is dedicated hosting worth it?

Dedicated hosting offers you a ton of power and control over the server. The associated perks like bandwidth, storage, and RAM are unavailable otherwise, and you should go for them. So, it is worth purchasing dedicated hosting for better website performance.

5. Is dedicated hosting faster than shared hosting?

Yes, dedicated server hosting is way too faster than shared hosting because clients will not share the resources. On the other hand, shared hosting is slower because the resources are shared among various clients/websites.

6. Is dedicated hosting good for a small business?

A small business can enjoy the reliability and top-notch performance of dedicated server hosting. However, it may experience a cost issue as dedicated servers are less affordable than the rest of the platforms. It could be better if a small business could manage the cost issue.

7. What is fully managed dedicated hosting?

A fully managed dedicated server means you don’t need to worry about anything. Any server-related technical issues will be taken care of by the hosting provider. Moreover, they also manage the resources and servers, leaving you relaxed.

8. Can I upgrade my Cloud VPS to a dedicated hosting plan?

Yes, you can upgrade your cloud VPS hosting to a dedicated hosting solution anytime you see fit. A dedicated server could be a perfect choice if you need a system with extreme performance, more storage, and better security!

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